Screed & Sand Pumping Machine Hire

Our Putzmeister M740 is the only screed & sand pumping machine of its kind in WA. It's perfect for the conveying of floor screed or sand to long distances or into small areas inaccessible by humans or machinery.

The conveying line can be connected to reach a required destination of 150 metres vertically and 200 metres horizontally. Input of materials is required into the machine, mixed inside the tank and delivered pneumatically through the conveying line to its intended destination.

  • Pump floor screed or sand to desired location
        •  150 metres vertically
        •  200 metres horizontally
  • Pump screed to balconies up to 50 stories high
  • Pump sand into areas inaccessible by human or machinery
  • Conveniently saves time & costs
        •  Labour hire
        •  Bulka bag delivery fees
        •  Crane hire
        •  Hoist hire

Available for wet hire today.

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